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Book-Now-Online is an advanced booking system that streamlines and organizes nearly all aspects of your business.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Live calendar with real time availability
  • Customers can rebook themselves easily
  • Customer can pay variety of ways Like
    • Credit card
    • Voucher (groupon, travelzoo, etc...)
    • PromoCode
    • Option to book now and pay day of flight
  • Customer receives E-Ticket via email with all details
  • Evening before flight Customer receives Flight Status email.




Stop wasting your time trying to deal with the day-to-day paperwork and booking logistics and get back to flying balloons!

Public Booking Window

See what your customers see when they schedule a flight from your website.


We invite you to go to our example booking site.

This is an example of how your customer's booking window would work.



When you make a sample booking, you can have the flight ticket e-mailed to you. This simulates what your customer experiences when they book a flight on-line.

Try it out here

You do not have to enter your personal information to try the sample booking. For instance you can use "test" for the first and last name fields. Yet we encourage you to include your real e-mail address to receive the e-ticket. We do not monitor this test feature, and your e-mail address will never be shared.



*** If you would like to see the full back-end Administration Panel and try out all of our features, please call Ryan at (407) 252-0532. We are happy to assist you.



Public Booking Window Features:


Customers can choose their flight, choose a date from the calendar, and pay for their booking on-line. An e-ticket is automatically emailed to them that contains all of their flight information.

More about the Public Booking Window:

A link to your Public Booking Window would be prominently displayed on your existing website. Customers that visit your site can click the link and book the flight themselves.


You can access this window at all times from the front of your Administration Panel.


Admin Panel

The Administration Panel is the central nervous system of the Booking System.

Once you log in, the main categories of the booking system are clearly represented.


Please read further to get an explanation of what each does and how they can make your business run more efficiently.


If you would like to see an example of the Booking Admin in action, you can watch this help video that shows new users how to create a new booking. CLICK HERE

*** If you would like to see the full back-end Administration Panel and try out all of our features, please call Ryan at (407) 252-0532. We are happy to assist you.

Book-Now-Online was created to make handling your customer's reservations and cancellations a breeze.

Main Booking Panel-
Employees and customers have the ability to book and pay for a flight Online.

Find Booking- Find previously made bookings easily. You can search them in by their booking date, arrival date, first and last name, and booking number.

Calendar- The "back-bone" of the booking system. The calendar is central to nearly everything you do for your balloon ride business, so it makes sense that we do the same for your on-line booking system. From basic flight scheduling to setting caps on the number of discounted tickets sold on any given day, the calendar is integrated into all aspects of Book-Now-Online.

Event Management

Keep your customers up to date



Set the Event Status (It’s a Go, Canceled, and To Be Determined) in the Admin Panel.

A customized email is automatically sent to all customers before their arrival date. If the day is canceled, the customer has the option to choose another date by simply clicking a link in the email. This cuts down on the numbers of customers who call in to have it changed.

Easily manage your customers day-of-flight with our Check-In feature.


The customer check-in can be used on an i pad or any computer.



Included is a powerful grouping tool that intuitively organizes riders. For balloon companies, this tool automatically includes the passenger’s weight and provides a running total as you add them to the groups. This makes it easy to distribute the correct weight ratio among the balloons and other vehicles.

Settings and Reporting

Set pricing, tax rate, and have highly customizable control of your user permissions.

Edit Users- (Admin permissions) When any employee logs into the booking system, they use their own user name and password. Once they login they go to the Administration Panel of the booking system. The top administer can control how much or how little the employee has access to on the Admin panel.


Get feedback on promotions, how many bookings per employee, and much more.






Get detailed financial reporting